Óscar Sobrado:

Sound Designer – Music Composer – Sound Programmer
Wavefunction VR – Braga (Portugal)

Working in a studio developing VR and AR applications, serious games and games. Responsible for the sound department: SFX design, Foley, musical composition, integration in Wwise middleware and Unity game engine. (03/2019 – Actually)

Sound Designer – SFX Designer
La panificadora estudio – Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Sound effects design for TVG and Netflix TV show Bitter Daisies (Season 2, 6 episodes). Designing from libraries, recording Foley and also with MIDI synthesizers. (01/2020- 08/2020)

Sound post-production, Sound Design and music composition
Rural Horror Storis – Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Freelancer on the webserie Rural Horror Storis. Sound post-production, sound effects and music composition: analog and virtual instruments for music and sound effects, also Foley recording. (10/2019 – Actually)

Audio and video editing and restoration
Uxío Novoneyra Foundation – O Courel, Lugo
Digitisation of the audiovisual archive of Uxio Novoneyra. Digitisation, restoration, codification and archiving of all the audiovisual records collected throughout the poet’s life (2020)

Enxeito (Funk-Soul band)

Composition / Guitar / Vocals / Recording / Mixing / Mastering (03/2014- Actually)

Education and skills

Higher Degree in Sound Technician for Audiovisuals and Entertainment
IES Audiovisual de Vigo – Pontevedra (Spain)

Master Degree in Cultural Services
University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

-Sound Design (Game Audio School)
-Towards a practice of sound design (Charly Schmukler)
-Audio Postproduction – Pro Tools (Escuela Superior de Cualificaciones Profesionales)
-Music Production: Avid Pro Tools, Waves and Addictive drums (School Music Production)
-Recording, mixing and mastering PRO (Michel Martín)
-Game Music (Game Audio School)
-Wwise 101, 201, 251 and 301 (Audiokinetic Learning)
-The Art of Music Production (Berklee-Coursera)
-The Technology of Music Production (Berklee-Coursera)

Skills and knowledge
-Pro tools HD (7 years)
-Waves plugins (7 years)
-Spatialized 3D Sound Design (3 years)
-Sound effects and post production for cinema and tv (5 years)
-Audiokinnetic Wwise (3 years)
-Unity 3D (3 years)
-Music recording, mixing and mastering (7 years)
-Composer and musician: vocals, guitar bass, keyboards, MIDI instruments (15 years)